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Cooking Sets & Pots

Pots, pans, or dishes in which food can be cooked
Brand: Nadstar
Dimension 31 - 29 Liters32 - 31.5 Liters33 - 34.5 Liters34 - 37.5 Liters 35 - 39.5 Liters 36 -4.5 Liters..
Tsh 511,750
Brand: Nadstar
Dimension 28 - 20.5 Liters 29 - 23 Liters 30 - 25 Liters ..
Tsh 201,250
Brand: Nadstar
 Specifications:10 piece Imperial Set Pots Luxurious design  Granite Cooking Set Suitable for all kind of cooking..
Tsh 204,700
Brand: Nadstar
Specifications:Granite Cooking Set 10 piece Set Suitable for all kind of cooking..
Tsh 448,500
Brand: Nadstar
Specifications:  Die Casting AluminiumNew design Non Stick CookwareSuitable for all kind of cooking..
Tsh 270,000
Brand: Tefal
Key FeaturesMaterial: AluminiumSize: 28cmExterior/ Colour: Non-Stick red with Chef de France serigraphyInterior: LonGlide Plus Thermo-spotBase: Durabase 4 serigraphyThickness: Junior..
Tsh 90,850
Brand: Tefal
Specification Material: AluminiumExterior/Colour: Non-stick Flame SerigraphyInterior: Intensium New Thermo-SpotBase: DifusalSizes: 18/22/26/30cm..
Tsh 312,225
Brand: Tefal
Specifications: Essential for any kitchen to prepare many dishes such as baked goods Made of aluminumIdeal distribution of temperatureElegant and wonderful designEasy to use and cleanSuitable for serving food to the diningResistance to stick with food to give healthy cookingSize: 29 x 22 c..
Tsh 113,850
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