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Scrubbing & Sponges

Natural sponges for sale in Crete Plant fiber sponge: A luffa sponge whose coarse texture helps with skin scrubbing and exfoliation
Brand: Himalaya
Description Beta-carotene in apricots acts as a moisturizing agent which brings out your skin's natural glowWheat germ Oil, has vitamins D and E, along with proteins and antioxidants nourishes the skin and helps boost the skin's elasticityCrab Apple helps prevent skin cell degenera..
Tsh 490,000
Brand: Oks
Specification Porous car wash sponges with uniquely perforated surface can effectively catch and hold the dirt particles, descaling of powerful effect...
Tsh 2,900 Tsh 2,760
Brand: Oks
Specification -Durable,reusable - just rinse in soapy water,DurableExcellent efficient quality..
Tsh 2,600 Tsh 2,248
Brand: Oks
Specification Magic Sponge Eraser Sponge Quick Clean Remakes Stains without determine..
Tsh 2,250 Tsh 1,725
Brand: Oks
SpecificationMulti Purpose Towel Eraser SpongeQuick CleanRemakes Stains without determine..
Tsh 2,000 Tsh 1,725
Brand: Oks
Specification Jumbo SpongeBetter Clean Better Life ..
Tsh 2,900 Tsh 2,300
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