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Distinction is made between a "hard broom" and a "soft broom". Soft brooms are for sweeping walls of cobwebs and spiders. Hard brooms are for sweeping dirt off
Brand: Nadstar
Description Roof Brush Multi Color Cleans through tough spots Scrubs too cleanliness..
Tsh 5,750
Brand: Nadstar
Specification Take it with you anywhere,anytime!Perfect to remove wrinkles and refresh your clothes on the go,at home and office!• You look fine in a wrinkle free suit when you use this powerful steam brush.• This steam brush delivers an 650 watt of steam to remove those tough creases on all yo..
Tsh 62,550
Brand: Oks
SpecificationClean cup bottle etcinside out -More efficient on removing stubborn stains:Excellent ..
Tsh 2,413
Brand: Oks
Specification -More efficient on removing stubborn stains:Pan Brush..
Tsh 2,500
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